LCM Pilot High School conference, Fall 2012

Youth Leadership Development: Academic Camps at Stanford University.

Welcome to the 13th Annual League of Creative Minds, Summer Camps!  

About the League Summer Camp Experience

The League of Creative Minds (LCM) summer program is currently enrolling students for the League summer courses held at Stanford University, Summer 2020.  The League summer camp sessions are meant for serious academic students that relish intellectual deliberation and dialogue.  Students that enroll in League summer courses are curious about international policy, find fascination in history and philosophy, and/or have a certain passion for parliamentary style speech and debate.  The League creates a particularly unique academic platform where play fuels learning and students learn through simulations.  Both brand new and highly experienced debaters will find themselves in a new world when they first step into a League classroom.  

About the League of Creative Minds (LCM):

LCM is a debate and diplomacy-driven, academic organization, that draws on an original curriculum created by LCM.  The majority of the content in both the year-round and the summer program is based almost exclusively on foreign policy.  Therefore, given the nature and the focus of the League, LCM engages high ability 6th though 12th graders in the world of academic deliberation through discussion and debate, analytical writing, and the development of life skills (such as critical thinking and analytical reasoning). To complement the academic complexity of geopolitics and foreign affairs in the League classroom, there is additionally a strong focus on public speaking, negotiation, and the exploration of moral and ethical values. League delegates participate and compete in a variety of debate formats in the year-round academic program.  Delegates who are successfully admitted into the year-round academic program are by nature, genuinely interested in foreign affairs, and curious about the ever-evolving state of the world.  It follows that in the invigorating summer course sessions, students invariably reveal their distinct self-motivation and curiosity about the world, and inspiration through play to cement learning in a way that is not easily forgotten. This process cannot occur without a student's desire to seek greater intellectual thought and reasoning.  Lastly to note, is that the LCM summer curriculum provides a glance into of what delegates experience in depth during the LCM year-round program.

Interest and Motivation

The high level of academia in the introductory camp courses is meant to challenge and stimulate high ability middle school and high school students.    That said, prior academic knowledge of foreign policy is not necessary; instead the interest and motivation to engage in an academic, social, and diplomatic setting is required.  The League summer camps are designed for high-ability students typically in the top 10% of their respective academic class in school.   Given that the mission of LCM is excellence in academia, the League draws highly motivated students, and therefore all introductory classes begin at a high pace and high academic level without exception.

Typical Day

During each week of an LCM summer course academic material is individualized to fit the personality of every specific group of students.  LCM summer camp students are well-supported to advance as much as they feel comfortable doing so, and is part of the reason why LCM summer camp students return, year after year.  The summer camp sessions themselves are interactive by nature, and every course each week has a particular theme that is adapted to the individual group of delegates in the course during that particular week.  Throughout the day students are split into various classes, which all follow a distinct set of activities every 50 minute class period. 

League classes follow a similar teaching method as most American law schools.  Therefore, classes are structured with the Harkness and Socratic Method in mind.  This equates to active classroom discussion that enables students to examine logic and strategy through realized critical thinking methods.  The primary goal of the League summer camps is to provide students with an exciting and enjoyable experience, while undergoing academic learning at the same time.  As such, LCM frequently receives feedback from summer camp students that they did not realize how much they were learning.  We believe this is due to the interactive and playful method the League courses hold.  

Summer course logistical information:

  • Each session is one week long and will run from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.  Each day is composed of a variety of interactive and distinct activities.   
  • LCM summer camp students may enroll in a maximum of one single introductory week-long session only.
  • Each of the summer camp sessions are open to local, national, and international students. The integration of a diverse group of students adds to the experience and learning of all summer camp students.  
  • League boarding campers reside on the Stanford campus, in campus dorms, and eat at the Stanford dining halls.  Day campers have hot lunch included and will also eat at the Stanford dining halls.
  • All League summer camp classes, meals, and lodging accommodations take place on the Stanford campus.
  • Dress code consists of a collared shirt or dress shirt and shorts, skirts or dresses at knee length.  We advise comfortable shoes and bringing a water bottle.  T-shirts, yoga pants, sports attire or pajama type clothing is not permitted.

How to Apply for a summer camp session:  Part I.

  1. Download the PDF application or complete the online application (links are on the right sidebar).
  2. Mail in payment or pay online by credit card via Paypal.

After completing Part I. a spot is immediately secured in the summer course session. 

Part II.                                                                                                              y                              Following the initial application and payment (placement is secured), please upload:

  1. Most recent report card (copy), or teacher evaluation (if school does not assign grades),
  2. One teacher recommendation. LCM teacher recommendation letters do not require a special form, and should be uploaded directly right here on the side bar.  Recommendation letter requirements and a confirmation of enrollment are sent electronically to each applying summer camp student after initial registration (Part I.) is completed.
  3. Summer camp students who enroll in the June sessions should upload their report card, and (teachers should upload) the letter of recommendation by June 1, 2020.  A one-time courtesy reminder will be sent four weeks prior to the June 1st deadline.  
  4. Summer camp students who enroll in the July sessions should upload their report card, and (teachers should upload) letter of recommendation by July 1, 2020. A one-time courtesy reminder will be sent four weeks prior to the July 1st deadline.  

Introduction to Parliamentary Debate, Speech & Diplomacy Summer Camp,  rising 6th & 7th Grade.  Camp Octavian.  

Tuition:  $1250 (day student includes lunch)  $2250 (boarding students ~ includes all meals and lodging)

Session I:  June 
Session II:
Session III:
Session IV:
Session V: 

The Octavian sessions are the summer academic sessions exclusively for rising 6th and 7th grade students. These sessions are created so that the youngest students engage in public speaking, current events discussions, diplomacy, negotiation, intermediate writing skills, and the basic rules of procedure, in order to practice the fundamentals of debate.  Students that are curious about the League year-round program often begin as rising 6th or 7th graders in the LCM summer program.  

Introduction to Debate (Model UN/Model Congress), Speech & Diplomacy, rising 8th Grade. Camp Demosthenes 

Tuition: $1075 (day students) $2150 (boarding students ~ includes all meals and lodging)

Session I: 
Session II: 
Session III:
Session IV:
Session V:

This summer session is created with our 8th grade students in mind.  Summer delegates will partake in various methods of negotiation, strategy, and diplomacy.   The League curriculum is interwoven in particular focus areas of debate, and public speaking. There is special emphasis placed and in-depth discussion on moral and ethical questions on a variety of global topics.

Introduction to Debate (Model UN/Model Congress), Speech & Diplomacy, rising 9th to 12th Grade.  Camp Aurelian 

Tuition:  $1075 (day student); $2150 (boarding students ~ includes all meals and lodging)

Session I: 
Session II:  
Session III:
Session IV: 

This academic summer course is exclusively for rising 9th to 12th grade students. These sessions are meant for students interested in improving public speaking skills, engaging in negotiation techniques, and delving into geopolitics, world history, current events, and law.  Students are challenged to participate in various platforms of intellectual discussion and reasoning (logic) by engaging in various forms of debate, and advanced structured academic deliberation.

Boarding Students

All boarding students will have one to 3 roommates.  Every single camper will have his/her own bed, all bedding IS included.  Stanford dining has kosher, vegetarian, gluten free or nut free options available.  Male and female students board in same sex rooms only.   After the summer course day ends at 4:00 p.m., boarding students will have a variety of optional activities to choose from such as soccer, volleyball, swimming, academic lectures, attending a classical music concert (on campus) or poetry reading or good old fashioned free time to name a few example activities!  All boarding activities take place on the Stanford campus only.  Supervision is provided by LCM resident assistant's 24/7.  Boarding student (unlike day students) should bring a lap top to conduct research during after hours.

International Summer Camp Applicants

International summer students are welcome in all League summer camp sessions.  English is the official language spoken in all the League summer camps, therefore international summer campers must have a advanced knowledge and proficiency of the English language.   

Returning Summer Camp Applicants

Returning summer course students DO NOT need to resubmit a letter or recommendation nor transcripts as we have it on file, plus observations from the summer prior.

It is essential that we enable young people to see themselves as participants in one of the most exciting eras in history and to have a sense of purpose in relation to it.

~Nelson A. Rockefeller