• Appalachia
  • Colombia
  • Japan
  • Kenya

About Field Study Program

In August of 2011, Catarina began a pilot field study program with the purpose of gathering results firsthand and examining findings in real-time in order to craft an interactive curriculum that would create the structural platform of a solid field study program. Catarina drew from her life-long international experience abroad to craft and design the field study idea into a formal program. Catarina was fortunate to study Art History and Spanish poetry as an undergrad in San Sebastian, Spain and to study law in Hong Kong and Rome (each for six months). She has lived and worked in: London, Paris, Biarritz (France), Laos, Davos, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Guatemala City, La Paz (Bolivia), and Cusco (Peru).

The LCM Field Study Program was officially launched in August of 2013 in the Balkans, after running for two years purely as a pilot program in both Rome and Turkey.

Since that time the League has held field studies in the following nations or cities:
  • Rome
  • Turkey
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • China (twice)
  • South Korea (twice)
  • Canada
  • North Korea (twice)
  • Israel & Palestinian Territories, Serbia, Bosnia
  • Kosovo
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Sicily, Malta, & Cyprus
  • Cuba (three times)
  • Washington D.C.
  • U.S. Mexico Border (twice)
  • Lisbon, Portugal, and surrounding cities
  • Iceland
  • Warsaw, Kraków, Poland
  • Tallinn, Estonia