Welcome Letter


Esteemed League Summer Students,

Welcome! We thank you for your interest and enrollment in the League of Creative Minds (LCM), 16th annual summer camp session (Summer 2024). The purpose of a League summer course is to engage students in a social, academic, and diplomatic journey. In the LCM summer course, as well as in the year-round League program, LCM provides a platform for students who share in curiosity and care about world affairs, and humankind.

​In building this distinctive classroom model, the League creates a social environment where students are motivated and inspired to discuss world issues. The summer camp classes are academic in nature, and yet intertwine elements of playfulness with light interactive activities which form a core part of the League curriculum. The League summer curriculum is meant to highlight and expose the feel of the year-round program, which follows an intensive course on diplomacy. Finally, the League is a place where friendships are formed based on similar interests, and like-minded peers, primarily revolving around interest about the world beyond the borders of California.

Academically, summer camp students will be presented with a unique experience to learn without the usual pursuit of grades, and with the absence of any pressure to produce a right-answer response to learning and thinking. League summer camp students are provided a forum in which to analyze new ways of comprehending complex structure in current world events of international standing, while at the same time taking a hands-on approach to the way diplomacy functions in the world today. Students are encouraged to use their imagination to create new solutions and methods that may address and shape humanity for future generations.

​The world of diplomacy is structured, exemplified, and simulated within the League setting each day of the summer camp sessions. The original class structure that LCM has developed intertwine: logic, philosophy, foreign affairs, history, geopolitics, and law. These elements are interwoven to develop, highlight and draw out, the diplomatic ability of every individual LCM summer camp student. The core tenets of the summer classes will focus on negotiation, public speaking, research methods, and debate. The curriculum culminates in a debate conference towards the end of each week, in every summer session.

Incoming students in the youngest grades are exposed to the same complex material as high school students, with topics varying according to particular maturity, and grade level. Ideas with particularly difficult concepts are drawn out in more detail in the middle school program, than in the high school program.

Camp Logistics

​The League summer camp sessions divide the students according to incoming grade levels based on the upcoming academic school year of 2024-25. Therefore if your child is currently in the 6th grade for the 2024-25 academic year, they would be placed into the 7th grade classes the summer of 2024. Depending on birthdates, older 7th graders may be placed with 8th and younger 7th graders may be with older 6th.

Thus far, the energy and imagination of the current League delegates, inspires and propels the League forward into new chapters and dimensions. We are grateful and hold great respect to the thoughts, questions, opinions and ideas, of every LCM delegate. The summer of 2023 held yet another high caliber group of students engaged in dynamic debate sessions held at LCM’s ZOOM. LCM continues to evolve integrating Model Congress and Model Government in addition to Model UN. We look forward with great excitement, and wonder, to the summer sessions of 2024!


​Catarina Williams
(and the LCM Academia Team)
Executive Director