League Policy

The following policy is set forth to ensure fairness and equal standing to all League delegates and members.


Summer camp refunds will be offered in full up to April 1st, 2024. After the April 1st date, a 50% summer camp refund will be offered through May 1, 2024. After said date, LCM is unable to provide refunds for any summer camp students.

LCM summer camps are extremely popular and fill as soon as camp listings are disclosed. After the camp is full, LCM will keep a wait-list of students. If a space should become available the first person on the wait-list will be contacted and so forth.

If a cancellation is able to be mitigated by a wait-listed student able to replace the spot previously filled, LCM will provide a 50% refund, regardless of the date. This is a gesture of good faith and fair practice offered by LCM, at the discretion of the LCM advisors, and only if the alternative is available.


A payment plan is an opportunity to remain flexible and reasonable in order to accommodate monthly family budgets and expenditures. Payment plans are set to ease the finances of families who do not qualify for financial aid, and who are not experiencing economic hardship.

Families in need of a payment plan should contact the League directly for more information and full details. Applicants experiencing economic hardship should inquire with the League for a financial aid application.